June 18, 2018



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June 2018 Report

Lawsuit Update - 2018

Why your right to review the books and records of SLP is in jeopardy and is being contested in the NM Court of Appeals.


This is a resident run website, not affiliated with the official SLPPOA website, and has been initiated to act as the eyes, ears, and opinions of concerned members of SLPPOA, to promote the handling of Association matters in accordance with the Association Bylaws and NM State Statutes. The goal of our site is to provide residents with the means to have a voice in the community. All members are invited to give their input and share their opinions.


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"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try rooming with a mosquito. 

Dalai Lama XIV



Easy way to locate wildfires near youGet the latest updates... fast.  read more

Excessive water use by residents drives SLP water policy 

A committee assigned to review excessive usage has delivered its report to the Board for action.  But the data and logic of the proposal are being challenged. read more

Help keep cattle out of SLP. 

The Forest Service has issued a notice of non compliance to the lessee that if failure to follow his annual operation instructions continue (cattle grazing outside the lessee's designated pastures) he could be subject to lease suspension or cancellation. Please report any trespassing cattle to Debra Mollett, acting Jemez district ranger so she can notify the lessee to move his cattle to the designated pasture. Or call 575-829-3535. The lessee has been warned. read more

SLP water systems reporting a 6.6 million gallons per year loss.

State drought conditions and excessive water waste by residents and system leak/loss of over 500,000 gals./mon., puts the SLP water resources in jeopardy. Our water rights, ground water table levels and the reliability of our water systems delivery infrastructure are not guaranteed.  read more

No reserve study- no asset management plan =  no capital funding plan.  

The 2015 annual audit required a reserve study. SLP continues to exist in a reactive mode using the piece meal approach to fix water system delivery components due to deferred maintence, not getting the most useful life from components and not knowing when to plan to replace.  read more

Playground injuries can lead to lawsuits. 

Liability is still an issue when a playground shares a yard with spare parts debris. The posted signs warning that SLP assumes no liability due to use of playground equipment, may still subject SLP to risk of injury and legal action.  Is there a reason we still maintain playgrounds? read more.

The Sandoval county cinder pile/ jersey bumpers are a liability risk for SLP. 

The county dumped their cinders and declared SLP as their substitute maintenance yard without permission. The Board has yet to take action and the risk of liability remains on SLP.   read more

SLP property owners ignore CCR's violation warning letters.

Trashing up a property devalues community property values. The Board still has yet to resolve the offenses and what's the sense of governing docs if they aren't enforced?  read more

What happened to your  homeowner rights?

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