February 15, 2018



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This is a resident run website, not affiliated with the official SLPPOA website, and has been initiated to act as the eyes, ears, and opinions of concerned members of SLPPOA, to promote the handling of Association matters in accordance with the Association Bylaws and NM State Statutes. The goal of our site is to provide residents with the means to have a voice in the community. All members are invited to give their input and share their opinions.


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CCR abuse devalues community properties - when will the Board take action?

The SLP community has its share of offenders who use their property as a dump for trash, accumulate dead cars, and harbor animal farms for profit; all activities not permitted by the CCR's because they devalue the properties of others and are an eyesore for residents and visitors.

Taking legal action against these offenders, has been a SLOW process and when Board members do not support protecting our property values,  more infractions move in. A recent letter to the Board calls out dissatisfaction with Board inaction.


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Will the cattle grazing issue go away with fencing? 

Don't bet on it. Despite the Forest Service's altrustic attempt to quell the opposition with some cost free fencing, the issue at stake is the lack of monitoring and compliance by our government officials.  Fencing will not keep out cows that believe the grass is greener on the other side.

The permittee does not have the right to graze SLP. Some residents are now challenging the forest service and the permittee's abuse of the law.


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Will the Board permit a county maintenance yard on SLP property?

The SLP Board has been tasked to act on the county's unauthorized encroachment on SLP land. 

Issues that remain unanswered are whether the Board will act to protect SLP land and whether the CCR's permit a county yard to store cinders for other communities in Jemez.


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