September 24, 2017



Board Meeting Reports

Sept 2017 Annual Membership Meeting







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Did the Board work hard this year and get "a lot done" as claimed at the annual meeting?

  • reengineering of the roads was discussed but nothing has been done.

  • reserve study due to be completed end 2016 has not been finalized and posted.

  • the Board still doesn't announce topics that will be discussed in closed session.

  • We lost $8,547 on one delinquent account.

  • Homeowner association training for Board members is yet to be acted upon.

  • Residential leak policy discussed last year has not been implemented.

  • The Protection of Information policy contains no assurance that a member's privacy will not be breached by members privileged with member information.       

 Credit is due to Mr. Corn and Mr. Veverka's efforts trying to mitigate by line replacement, the leak issues that continue to plague the community water system.




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