"PI" - Proprietary or Public Information?

Information about foreclosures and filed liens are publicly available on the internet and at the Sandoval County Assessors Office.

We understand the Board's reluctance to post the names of the delinquents, and we agree.  We have repeatedly asked for updates concerning balances and status to prevent any misunderstanding of the delinquency situation. We are not interested in who are the delinquents, even though this information is available in the county records, but how long they have been on the books, and their accumulating debt and what the Board has done to secure monies owed. The Board's refusal to accommodate these questions concerns us.

The information available from the county offices does not include those who are exempt by initiation of the new <$500 no-lien policy nor does in ensure that all delinquencies >$500 have been filed. The Treasurer has refused to publish the most current amounts, so we presently have no way to confirm the accurate status of the SLP delinquencies.

The balances in the county information  may not reflect the actual current balances as charges may have been added to accounts or balances may have been partially paid off, which is not reflected on the assessors files. Once the entire balance due is paid off including the lien expenses, attorney fees, etc., a release of lien is filed, however, all records remain on the assessor's database.

After reviewing the county information, we question why it takes so long to file a lien or take other action as provided by the bylaws to initiate collection of delinquent accounts?