About the lawsuit

Lawsuits cost $$$$$ and all members pay to defend.

The board could at anytime stop the hemorrhaging of association money

 by communicating with the Plaintiffs...but they continue to refuse to do so.


What is the Board hiding that is worth $28,000?

The lawsuit is still being contested and may end up in Appeals Court. We continue to fight for a principle--that of openness and transparency. Our Bylaws give members the right to request information about the Association’s records; it is the duty of the Board to provide that information. The lawsuit came about because the Board refused the request.

The Concerned Members never asked for personal information, in their books and records request, nor were they accused by the Court of coercion or malicious intent—board statements in the August member letter.

The Board refused a request by the Plaintiffs for a meeting with the board and the attorney to resolve the issues months before the lawsuit. Mediation was requested to avoid a lawsuit--by the Plaintiffs, not the Board. Mediation and attempts by the Plaintiffs to resolve the issues prior to the lawsuit failed due to lack of willingness by the Board to communicate.

But...the lawsuit has resulted in benefits:
     • an audit due in 2012 was finally produced in 2015- after the lawsuit forced the issue
     • a reserve study has been initiated
     • financial administration will be supervised by a management company
     • bank reconciliations were turned over to an independent company
     • properties that become delinquent, by law, are encumbered with a statutory lien
     • facts stated in testimony provide evidence of the Board’s abuses of the SLP Bylaws and their own policies

     • a recording made during a contentious books and records inspection meeting reveals how two Board  members used intimidation tactics to disrupt the session