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We have initiated this page to post answers based on facts to the best of our knowledge.

This page is not limited to Q & A. All members are invited to share their opinions on any topics. You may submit your inquiries to Submissions are subject to review for proper decorum.


Submitted by a Resident to CM

Q. Why is the Board reluctant to publish a delinquency report?

A. It has been heard that certain delinquent owners have threatened to sue, if information is divulged. However, the information is public. Unfortunately, the balances and status cannot be accurately verified without Board input.


Submitted by a Resident to CM

Q. A bit embarrassing to see that someone use the voting place as a venue to vent their anonymous mantra?

A. Most know what anonymous represents, however we did  turned the complaint over to the local authorities


Submitted by a Resident to CM

Q. I noticed that the date on the ballot was wrong. Could this invalidate the election?

A. CM noticed the same. A serious typo on an official document could be an issue. Ask the Board.


Submitted by a Resident to CM

Q. Was a quorum met at the 2014 annual meeting and was any official business conducted?

A. No quorum was met. According to Roberts Rules of Order, which the board initiated in March and used

at the annual meeting, no quorum means no official business can be conducted. However a nomination from the

floor for a board seat, a resolve to allow a member's corrections to the annual meeting was voted on, and

the election of officers was conducted. Thus official business was conducted in spite of this ruling.


Submitted by a Board Member to S Star

Q. Did you let members ask questions regarding reports during Board meetings when you were President?
A. Yes
Q How did members ask questions regarding reports during Board meetings? 

A. Members concerned with an issue came to a meeting and asked their questions when their issue came up

during the Board meeting reports/conversations. This was acceptable procedure at  past board meetings,

special meetings, or annual meetings. Past meeting minutes detail member questions and issues and the

Board's responses and actions.


Submitted by a Board Member to S Star

Q. How many of our residents owed money to SLPPOA when you were President?  
A. According to the treasurerís report at the 2011 annual meeting there was one foreclosure, 1 non-payer,
and 3 slow payers; 2% was uncollected.
Q. If so, what was the income of SLPPOA at that time so we can make a fair comparison, as you didn't really 
leave the records in good shape.  
A.    The association dues in 2011 were $642.40 or $99,572.00 expected annual income. The delinquency
collections process was diligently enforced and included a tampering policy and a water shut off procedure.

Actions taken to remedy delinquencies were posted in the minutes..


Submitted by a Board Member to S Star

Q. Our System 1 water supply is still not working properly properly, and we still have not heard back from 
you or any of the Concerned Members regarding any help you could give us, even though you're drinking 
the same water we are. 

A. A CM member recently initiated the contact that led to hiring a new water system operator that has saved

thousands of dollars for this association.


Before the board alienated some CM persons, the CM group assisted with meter installations, meter readings

and reporting, and were involved with the board appointed oversight committee for meter installations. All

members of the CM group over the past years, have contributed many volunteer hours toward water system

maintenance; leak detection, meter installation planning, budgeting, and voting initiatives, state compliance

reporting, and field work to remedy deficiencies, well renovation, system repair coordination and oversight

and member communications.


The CM group has been equally responsible to help keep the water running in the past as those who serve

today. Most of the CM members also served at one time or another on the SLP Board of Directors.


Submitted by a Board Member to S Star

Q. When you or any of the other Concerned Members were Board Members, did you encounter a group 
of your neighbors that just criticized from the sidelines and didn't work on any solutions? 

A. Yes. There were criticism and anonymous letters from members about many issues including household

meters, stimulus funds for water system improvement, lack of professional engineering and project management,

special assessments proposals for water system upgrades, and issues brought up in water committee

recommendations.  However, no member was restricted from presenting his or her issues, proposals or



Submitted by a Board Member to S Star

Q. Why didn't you comply with and respond to Drinking Water Bureau findings of problems with our Water 
Supply? And no, the answer isn't that it can be blamed on the Water Operator, because it was your
responsibility to take care of our water, and you did not. 
A. Compliance issues were mitigated as volunteers and money permitted in accordance with NMED 
requirements. Deficiencies change as new NMED regulations are enacted. You should review who was
responsible as compliance chair and the NMED oversight officer at the time. Compare past Sanitary Survey
reports to determine whether deficiencies were old problems or new ones due to new NMED regulations.
These reports were posted on the SLPPOA website.